Fan Writing : Patoots Feels Blue!

A story by one of my long time fans, Vladerek!

A kinky short story about Patoot’s adventure with a tentacle monster! I enjoyed the read and I think he really nailed Patoots’ personality in the writing! Thank you for the submission!



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Patoots Feels Blue on her Birthday.

Story by: Vladarek Vaskin
Character belongs to Mantis.
(No lolis were harmed in the making of this story!)



    Patoots had been quite chipper this day, as she had received many presents from those who held affection for her, and those who admired her, particularly those who watched her stream, though those presents were of more erotic nature, from dildos of many forms to even ovulation induction pills and such, with little memos such as “remember to take this for your next stream”, some of her fans being a tad obsessed with seeing the girl get knocked up.

    Finally she was about to open the last present that had arrived a bit late, it is a large box covered in silver wrapping with blue ribbon, with a card on it that seems pretty normal. “Let’s see~~” she says in a cute little crooning voice as she opens the card and starts to read.


From: Your big Streaming fan Vladarek Vaskin
To: Patoots

    I hope when you get this you are enjoying your birthday and turning loli-years old. My present is a bit special, and I hope that you might use it during one of your streaming shows, it gets larger if you don’t play with it for a while, so make sure to let it “vent” regularly, just pour water and some bits of meat on it to feed it, it will absorb them. I hope that you have fun with it, just think of it kind of like a cross between a toy and a pet!
P.S. It’s name is Mr. Blue
P.P.S. Be a little careful, it may have been in the mail for a while.
P.P.P.S. If necessary to stop it, it’s safe word is “Lollipop”


    After reading the letter and having a slightly confused but curious expression on her face, Patoots goes to open the package, the paper is easily torn revealing a plastic box with some form of sealing tape around the seam, removing it, then taking off the lid, she lets out a cute and shocked “Kyaa!” as suddenly a eyeball pops out of the box, the eye is green in color and is attached to a tentacle, a light blue tentacle as thick as her arm, it blinks, the pupil small due to the sudden light, then it widens and glances around, it’s eye blinks, and it and Patoots stare at each other, she raises her arm and waves “Mr. Blue?” showing a playful unsure but game smile.

    Suddenly a bunch of tentacles come out of the box, some as thin as a finger, others like the one the eye is affixed to as large as her arm, they suddenly reach towards her. Of course, Patoots has watched enough tentacle hentai to know where this was going, and had actually fantasized about playing with tentacles quite a few times, so with a loud “Yay!” she jumps into the rushing mass of blue tentacles.

    The creature is a little surprised and it’s eye jerks back some, but the tentacles catch Patoot’s body as she is leaping through the air, and then just support her there, she waves her arms a little, giggling, it feeling almost like she is floating in mid air, then lets out a light groan as the tentacles start to slide over her body. Remembering another aspect of tentacles, she quickly undoes her shorts and shirt, and even helps the tentacles pull them off, aware that it might try to tear them, but she really likes this outfit. In short order she is nude in the tentacles grasp, the tentacles supporting her fully coiling around her arms and legs, and stroking along her body.

    Making a toothy and playful smile, she points to her breasts as she looks at the creatures eye, a thing in tentacle hentai is often those suction cups, and she wants to give them a try. Almost as if reading her mind, the creature extends two larger tentacles that then split open on the front, turning into large suction cups of the same blue as the rest of the tentacles, then they latch onto her body, one over each of her small breasts, then they start to suck. She quivers a bit and lets out a sweet voice as she feels the suction cups squeeze and suck at the diminutive peaks, though when it reaches the apex of suction, her nipples hurt a little, but that instead seems to add to the pleasure.

    Finally she sees the main course…..then blanches a bit her eyes going wide, the “cock” it has, is a tentacle about as thick as her waist, that is wiggling out of the box, then approaching her spread legged form, two of the little tentacles coiled around her thighs slide inward, and dip into her cleft and spread it a bit, as if preparing her, but she speaks up then “Hey, hey! Mr. Blue! That one is a little too big, how about one a little smaller!” while she does like large cocks, this is……definitely overboard, and she feels some genuine worry as the huge thing slides up between her legs, and presses against her, it clearly being too big, but still nuzzling there.

    Patoots then crosses her arms and shakes her head “Nope! No! Use a different one!” The eye blinks, then looks like it grasps something, and then the big tentacle slides up along her body, leaking a light blue pre as it does, she once more giggles and hugs the tentacle with both arms, even wrapping her legs around it, and kissing the head as it slides up and down against the front of her body a few times before it then pulls away and moves apart from her, and another tentacle shows up. Patoots frowns a bit, as this one is larger than the guys she takes by a bit…..but she should be able to handle it, her frown turning into a playful smile as she raises a hand and makes a “come here” motion by hooking her fingers.

    The tentacle slides up to her, and once more she feels something against her, though not so monstrous as the one before, but it still might be a challenge to get it to go in as it is thicker than even the biggest human penis she had taken. She swallows and then smiles and wiggles her hips “Come on Mr. Blue~! Put it in, put it in!” her voice sounding coy and playful. The tentacle then starts to push at her cleft the smaller tendrils have spread open, it wiggles and pushes, but initially at least, it can’t go in her.

    Patoots grits her teeth a little as the tentacle pushes again, the pressure getting a little painful as it works a bit harder to get inside her, but the size is definitely complicating matters, she tries to help it out, and as it pushes against her, she humps her hips at it from within the grasp of the other tentacles, it thrusts and wiggles, she humps and shakes her hips, and bit by bit her vulva spread further, and further, but not quite enough for it to go in, steadying herself, she comes to a decision and tries to relax “I’ll be okay Mr. Blue, just push it in!” she tries to spread her legs as far as possible and relax, and the tentacle seems to squirm, then veins show up on it and it jams against her, for a moment, it seems it wont go in, and she makes a slightly strained yelp, her eyes tearing up a little, but then with a wet sound, the big tentacle finally pushes into her, along with a few more inches, a bulge showing up on her abdomen past her pelvis, the bulge larger than when she has done it with men.

    Letting out a slightly ragged breath, Patoots smiles “It’s in!” she wipes the slight tears in her eyes then once more urges it “Lets get this tentacle hentai going, heh, since you are Mr. Blue……I wonder if I should call myself La Blue” she chuckles at the reference then lets out a moan as the tentacle starts to move, thrusting a little, then pulling back, the girth of it making the movements somewhat tricky, though the eye on the central tentacle is almost shut due to the pleasure, as it enjoys how tight she is, then she starts to move her hips again, despite being held by tentacles, trying to help the tentacle mating with her slip further in, but bulge on her abdomen sliding further up as she does so.

    Each thrust of the tentacle, each hump of her hips, helps it move further into her, even as the tentacle suction cups on her breasts continue to suck and squeeze, making them feel achy, but good, other tentacles tease with her elsewhere, some sliding along her thighs, others her lower back, one of them strokes the side of her neck affectionately, unlike the mating tentacle, which is slimy and has veins, the others are dry, but warm and silky smooth, and feel nice rubbing against the skin. As she thinks of that fact, she lets out a little cry as she feels the thick tentacle smack against her cervix, her eyes go wide again, not because it has reached her cervix, but because it couldn’t go past, she has always easily let men put it in her womb, as she could consciously control the muscle known as her cervix, and she thought she had spread it wide, but, it wasn’t wide enough it seemed.

    Focusing, she playfully recites “Go go! Magical cock milking womb power!” and she tries to spread her cervix further, as the tentacle tries to push deeper, once again she feels that tight rather pained feeling, like when it first went in, she grits her teeth once more, and uses her hold on some tentacles to push herself at the one in her, right as it pushes hard, till again it slips further, the head of it now in her womb, the big tentacles penis head now squeezed by what feels like a velvet glove, the bulge on her abdomen even higher.

    She laughs happily in success at managing to do it, then winces and glares at the tentacle monster as it tries to push even deeper “That’s as far as it can go Mr. Blue… deeper! Got it!” she wiggles one finger sternly at the tentacle monster currently mating with her, before she grins and then shakes her hips, moving them in a seductive manner, pulling off the tentacle cock a bit before driving it back in, letting the back of her cervix which she contracted rub against the back of it’s glans when she pulls back, then rubbing the head against the back of her womb when she humps against it, suddenly taking away the tentacles initiative as she actively fucks it.

    She sticks out her tongue a little at the thing playfully, though the tentacle creature seems lost in pleasure, she smiles “Getting ready to cum? Do it! That’s the best part of tentacle hentai!” she seems excited, and so grabs the tentacles next to her arms, and starts to hump the big tentacle in her even harder, the tentacles around her quivering a bit as she does so, as though the creature is just letting her do what she wants as it is quite enjoyable, her making a toothy little smile as she moans a bit occasionally. Then the tentacle in her quivers and she laughs, then looks close at the box as she sees the first spurt moving up the tentacle, a bulge sliding along it’s length followed by another, then another, she humps a bit harder as the bulg approaches, a look of ecstasy in her eyes as she tries to time things just right, she feels the bulge reach her, then slide inside her, she feels it spread the walls of her pussy further, before reaching her cervix, pausing, then pushing past, then as Patoots humps down one last time, grinding the cock head of it against the back of her womb, she throws back her head and lets out a high pitched “Aaaahn!” as she orgasms, her entire vaginal passage squeezing the tentacle as it pumps it’s first spurt into her womb.

    The first spurt fills up her womb from end to end easily, and while she is still orgasming, the second spurt moves up and then pumps into her, then the third, after the first, each one of them makes her abdomen swell a little bit, some of it leaking out around the thick tentacle, but not much. Then another spurt pumps out, then another, her abdomen bulging more and more noticeably, until coming down from her afterglow she winces, and notices the amount is starting to hurt, like having a stomach ache, but different, she had never been filled with so much cum it hurt before, then as she glances up she feels a bit of cold sweat on her forehead…

    Between her and the box the creature is coming out of, there are seven bulges moving along that thick tentacle, and as she watches another comes up from the box, and another pumps into her, making her abdomen swell a bit more, and it hurts a bit more as well, she puts a hand to her now bulging abdomen and as another spurt pumps into her stretched womb she realizes that she wont be able to take this things full load, she then speaks up “Mr. Blue! I can’t take it all, it’s starting to hurt, so pull out okay?”, but the eye is half closed and seemingly dazed in pleasure, another pump enters her, then another, she grabs the tentacle trying to keep more from coming in, but they slip through anyway, another spurt entering her. “Mr. Blue, it’s too much, you have to pull out!” then as she is getting teary eyed again she remembers the safe word “Lollipop! Mr. Blue, Lollipop!”

    The eye on the tentacle twitches when she said that, and the bulges along the big tentacle stop moving up it, and actually start flowing in reverse, until there are no bulges on the tentacle, she lets out a sigh of relief……which then freezes in her throat as she sees something huge come out of the box, a bulge like the others, but far larger, taller than she is, and wider than she is tall, the bulge looks like a huge blue melon moving through the tentacle, how stretched it is making it slightly transparent, and what is inside that bulge is a massive amount of cum, and it is heading right towards her!

    “T-This isn’t funny Mr. Blue! You can’t put that much in me! I’ll…..” then her eyes go wide, what if that “safeword” wasn’t a safeword, what if….these thoughts run through her head as that huge bulge moves closer and closer, till it is right in front of her, then, suddenly, the tentacle in her seems to contract a little, and pulls out, letting the cum that was tightly packed in her start to leak out, and right as she is surprised by this, the bulge reaches the head, and suddenly hoses her with a huge amount of cum, from head to toe she gets covered by the goo, till finally the bulge is used up, and it stops, leaving Patoots completely covered in dripping cum, she smiles “Thank goodness….maybe it would be fun to use this in a stream….if it behaves” she glares at it, though then, as she glances around her room, now splattered with cum everywhere, she can’t help but feel her smile cramp, and wonder if she could send this Vladarek fan of hers the cleaning bill.

(Hope everyone likes the story! I greatly love the thought of a girl playing with tentacles or another big monster, and “almost” getting too much pumped into her!)



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07/16/2020 9:00 pm

Ah, I have such a warm fuzzy feeling. Thanks for posting it Mantis!

07/17/2020 12:51 am

>loli-years old

07/17/2020 11:56 pm

blue girl indeed

07/19/2020 11:35 pm

Mucho texto 8V

07/28/2020 11:58 pm
Reply to  Anonymous

nunca pense que hubiera un hispano aqui…


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07/22/2020 11:04 pm

This was very good. Vladarek keep up the excellent work

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