Writing: Patoot’s Isekai Adventure! Ch. 1

An ongoing story by ‘Vladerek’, about Patoots and her Isekai Adventure!
It is off to a fun start, I look forward to seeing where it goes next!


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Patoot’s Isekai Adventure!
Chapter 1: Face your Destiny!
Story by: Vladarek

Gently waving her hand, Patoot’s lets out a slight sigh due to the summer heat. The temperature out over the last few days had been terrible, what’s worse, the air conditioning at home was out of order, and it was hotter there than out here. Worst of all, it was so sweltering even sex had lost it’s charm. Sighing again she keeps walking, glancing at the street light, she walks across when it turns green, as she is half way across she hears a screech of tires, glancing to the side, she sees a oncoming truck, maybe the driver asleep at the wheel.

Any normal girl would have likely had a fateful meeting with Mr. Truck here, but Patoots was different! With legs far stronger than they look due to tons of sex where she is on top, her lithesome legs grow tense, then she jumps, landing in a graceful roll on the sidewalk just as the truck goes flashing past, moments later, there is a loud crashing sound as it hits a fire hydrant, causing water to jet towards the sky. Holding her hand to her chest, Patoots lets out a relieved sigh, but then, shifting gears with incredible speed, gives a happy little grin and runs over to where the the fire hydrant was, doing a happy little dance in the water raining down from the wrecked hydrant, getting her skirt and top soaked through in moments, but the blissful smile she has shows she doesn’t care about that.

She then hears the sound of music, and sees a ice cream truck nearing, the guy inside parks then scratches his head and looks around, “Guess I should call the cops, this part of town doesn’t have much traffic….ah, are you okay girl?” he asks of Patoots near the accident, glancing at the Ice Cream truck, then at the guy, then back again, Patoots smile grows mischievous, “Hey hey, Mr. Ice Cream…..I am fine, but, I am a little hot” she pulls the wet shirt away and leans over, fanning herself, and also showing off her body at the same time. She winks at him, he swallows a bit and can’t help the bulge that forms in his pants “Before you call the cops…….how about, you give me some ice cream, and in trade, I will also sample…..another cream” she plays her little tongue along her lips as she glances from his face down to the crotch of his pants.

The driver feels conflicted, but, this place really doesn’t get much traffic…….and a girl like this……will he ever get another chance? He then unzips his pants and motions, quickly revealing a cock that is a bit on the average side. Patoots feels it is a bit of a shame, as she prefers them larger……but if it is for some ice cream, it is fine. She quickly squats in front of him, then leans forward and pecks his penis head with a little kiss, before looking up with a expression that seems almost predatory, then once more looks at his cock, licking the tip a few times, then opening her mouth and taking the whole thing down her throat, her lips to the base, in one smooth motion. The Ice Cream guy shivers a bit, freezing at shock at such a petite girl taking him all the way into her mouth so quickly and easily, he becomes more sure she is experienced in this, and feels even happier about going along with it, though he still glances around for anyone who might be coming, before realizing that he himself may soon be coming…or cumming rather.

Her lips move forward and back, quickly, eagerly, her tongue moving this way and that, seeming to taste every angle of it, and her sucking with incredible timing, it doesn’t take long before he is nearing his limits “I…..I’m going to!” Patoots meanwhile just sucks harder and faster, until she feels his cock twitch, then playfully pulls back and lets his cock pop out of her mouth, the Ice Cream guy feeling disappointment and pleasure at the same time, as his cock jerks and spurts a bunch onto her face wet from the hydrant.
Patoots grins then speaks up “Now then, about my Ice Crea….” no further words can be heard from her, as a strange circle of geometric symbols has appeared under her feet, and all the sound within and outside of it seems cut off, the light grows brighter, and brighter, then takes on a rainbow hue, before vanishing, leaving the Ice Cream man confused as another man leans out of the truck that crashed, rubbing his head, then looks even more confused and asks “Dude…..why is your dick out?”.

Patoots at that moment is moving through a tunnel of light, rings of myriad colors seem to pass her one after another, she isn’t sure how many have passed, or how much time has gone by, every one of those rings is a world, at least something seems to tell her that, tens pass by, or they could be millions, before one seems to gleam brightly before her, and then she finds herself in a room that seems to be made of clouds and silver vines, with flowers made of what seems like living gold, three suns seem to shine through a window of the “cloud” room. As she blinks, a woman nearly 3 meters tall appears before her, dressed in material that looks like shifting clouds and silver, like the room, with brilliant gold hair, and eyes that seem to sparkle like a starry sky.

The woman smiles then speaks “Greetings, I have summoned you so that…..that……” the very tall womans left eye twitches slightly as she looks at Patoots, or more specifically, whats on her face. “………that you may help a world from another realm, as a hero!” returning to her prior dignity and grace after freezing, she seems to decide to ignore what she had noticed and pretend everything is fine. “I am a Goddess, you may call me Wylaunry, the world I have brought you too, is one of fantasy, different from the world of science from which you have traveled, if you agree to protect it, I can grant you gifts, and worry not, for I shall return you to your world after all is done, what say you? And is there any special power or trait you would like?”

The gentle expression of the goddess speaks of infinite compassion, though….her eye is still twitching just a bit. Patoots nods, eyes closed and arms crossed, the time has finally come! She had read about stuff like this, and thus, she smiles and looks at the Goddess, giving a thumbs up “I can do it! And I want to fuck!” I want a power that will help me fuck!” her sounding very chipper and excited, the Goddess meanwhile stumbles and almost falls over “F…….Fu……c.cc..” then she coughs “V….very well, go forth!” she then waves her hand, a brilliant golden light flows from her fingers and enters Patoots body, for a second she gleams, then the clouds open and Patoots falls towards the world beneath, once more in a funnel of light, as the Goddess turns around, sighs, then speaks in a still lovely voice “I need a drink….”

In a chamber in the middle of a beautiful castle formed of crystal and steel rather than a normal worlds stone, there is a dignified old man in a crown, a dozen knights in shining blue metal full plate armor, and seven men in robes of different colors, with arcane patterns on them, the man in a black robe with stars on it, raises his hand, guiding the magic from the others, as the spell completes, and suddenly a brilliant light fills the massive magic circle in the middle of the chamber……and then it fades, revealing a rather petite girl, but there is a divine presence from her, proof a god has granted a blessing, so this must be the Hero, or rather Heroine, they had summoned! The kin steps forward with a gracious expression “Oh mighty Heroine, welcome to the kingdom of Valesti, we require your help to..to….” like the Goddess his speech stumbles and he grows quiet.



Male Knight A: “Is that…on her face.”
Male Knight B: “It’s….it’s cum?”
Female Knight C: “…….a slut?!?!”



Patoots finds herself in a strange new world, what will happen next?

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09/02/2020 4:37 pm

That is really interesting! I ‘m sure someone could make a comic out of that. That is really well done mad props to the creator.

Eto Ki
Eto Ki
09/03/2020 8:16 am

Hey truck-kun. “yeah?” I need you to send me somewhere specific…

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