Writing: Patoot’s Isekai Adventure! Ch. 2


An ongoing story by ‘Vladerek’, about Patoots and her Isekai Adventure!

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Patoot’s Isekai Adventure!
Chapter 2: A Hero gets Wet!

Story by: Vladarek

Patoot’s stands in the middle of the magic circle, with her chest out, a proud look on her face to accompany the cum “Fufufufu, yes, I am your Her-glubglubglub!”. The king had been motioning towards the magician in a blue robe, and he had cast a small spell, covering Patoots in glowing water all of a sudden that spirals around her like a vortex, bubbles coming through it carrying a surprised voice, then the water is gone, leaving her clothing soaked, but the cum cleaned off. “Kack……achoo! It….it got in my nose!” she glances at the mage and knights with betrayed look.

The king then clears his throat and starts again “Sorry for that Hero, there was something on your face, we just……wanted to help you with that, do forgive us for any discomfort you suffered” he then bows his head, and all the others kneel, though the one female knight is glaring at her, and nearby a man in very fancy armor, the second prince, is giving a rather heated look….causing Patoots to turn her head and give him a playful wink. The king then continues, trying to pretend things are normal “We welcome you, I am King Mathrid IX, of the Holy Kingdom of Mathrid”.

Patoots after squeezing some water out of her shirt smiles and decides to forgive them, after all, having cum on her face is a little odd given the circumstances, though she feels a momentary pang in her little heart that she didn’t get to taste it first. She tries once more to look dignified, pushing out her chest, now revealing since it is wet, and laughs once more “Fufufufu, yes, I am your Hero” she snaps her mouth shut at that point, maybe thinking she might get covered in water again, when that doesn’t happen she keeps talking “I met your Goddess, so, what do you need?” her last few words said in a slightly carefree manner.

Feeling his eyes drift to the nipples clearly visible through her shirt, the king clears his throat again and motions at the mage in a red robe, he motions and steam then rises from Patoots warmed clothes, which find themselves dry in a moment, Patoots speaks up “Ooooh, before, and now, is this magic?!” she has stars in her eyes and hops up and down in excitement “Can I use it!?”. The king nods “You can, every person can use magic to some extent or another, you should as well, simply say “Status” and you can use the Design of God to see what your body is like now, it is how people can tell what their body is like, the Goddess once said she got the idea from another world” he nods a bit glancing up at the heavens with respect.

Patoots feels a little odd, believing the Goddess got the idea from video games……was she lazy? Then she speaks up “Status” feeling excited, then a strange clear screen, like a menu on a computer appears before her with various texts on it.

Status – Healthy
Name: Patoots
Age: Loli
Race: Otherworlder
Titles: Slut, Otherworld Slut, Loli Slut
Job: Succubus Hero Lv1
HP: 1000
MP: 500
STR: 20
VIT: 100
INT: 30
DEX: 50
AGI: 20
LUC: 1,000

Active Skills: Divine Slut Blade Lv1, Divine Succubus Gift Lv1, Divine Slut Armor Lv1,  Elemental Magic Lv1, Fertility Control,

Passive Skills: Divine Translation, Divine Pink Aura Lv1, Divine Succubus Transformation Lv1, Swordsmanship Lv1, Sex Acts LvMax,


“Ooooooooooh!” she lets out a cute squeal of surprise as she reads over the status window that opened, she finds that if she focuses on the different parts of the Status, she can understand what each thing is, and what they mean. She giggles a little that she already has three titles, and all of them are basically variants of Slut, they have the effect of increasing the sexual pleasure of her partner. There are the usual HP, MP, and other stats, though she is quite shocked at the Luck stat being so ridiculously high, though as she ponders it, maybe that is due to how she is always getting lucky? Each skill defines itself as she examines it.

Divine Slut Blade: Can summon a magic blade called Slut Sword Sonja, a pink crystal sword that can talk and use magic, and grows as she does.

Divine Succubus Gift: She can use any of the powers a Arch Succubus could, but without the normal corruption and life drain effects, though she can drain magic and stamina.

Divine Slut Armor: Magic skimpy armor made of living gold and pink lust crystal that feels like silk against the skin, creates a skin tight barrier around the body for protection, and can change form according to the wearers will. Also offers complete immunity to curse and darkness magic. Also nulls most status effects.

Elemental Magic: Can use all types of elemental magic except darkness, can use fire, earth, wind, water, ice, lightning, life, and light. At Lv1 can only use most  basic spells.

Fertility Control: Can control if one gets pregnant, such as ovulation, or even if sperm can effect the egg.

Divine Translation: Will speak in, and understand, both written and verbal, whatever language the other party uses.

Divine Pink Aura: Makes the user sexually attractive to any lifeform that sees her, regardless of initial preferences or even species. The stronger they desire her, the harder they will find it to try and cause her harm.

Divine Succubus Transformation: The more aroused one is, the more one will take on the form of a Divine Succubus, increases power of Divine Pink Aura, plus increases strength of all other Succubus powers and increases stats for Vit and Dex.

Swordsmanship: Basic skill with the sword, Lv1 places you at the level of a trainee knight.

Sex Acts: All actions relating to sexual intercourse, from foreplay to mating, at LvMax, you know how to fuck anything and everything, in every conceivable way that can be imagined. (Inherent skill: Brought over from Otherworld)

She sighs and rubs her temples after all the information floats into her head, as the king and his fellows watch on patiently, finally she grins and decides to try it out, she holds out her hand and wills for it, and suddenly there is a flash of pink light and a long slender sword made of gold filigree and pink crystal, with a slender pink crystal blade as long as she is tall, appears in her hand. Waving it around, she can’t help but think it is amazingly light, then the pink blade glows and flickers, and a playful voice pops out “Hello Mistress! Nice to meet you, I am Sonja, your blade! So, so, are you going to kill? Are you going to fuck? I can help with either!” the swords voice sounds incredibly upbeat and chipper.

Smiling widely Patoots waves the blade around a bit more “No killing or fucking yet Soni-chan, but soon kay?” then she moves on to the other article, the armor, after focusing, again there is a flash of pink light, after it fades, her clothes are gone, and she is wearing very elaborate bikini armor, like in those fantasy games and such, armored boots, and gloves, with heart shaped pink crystal on them, and look like gold for the metal, around her abdomen, arms, and legs, is a sort of gold mesh, on her abdomen above the slender bikini bottom of the armor, is a heart shaped crystal where her womb is, she taps the crystal and feels a quiver run through her, making her shiver and shake, her cheeks getting red and her letting out a breathy little cry, it seems this big pink crystal is tied to the “state of her lust” and is linked to her womb somehow.

She messes around a bit more, the armor seems able to change depending on her preference, going from full plate armor with a flowing pink cape, to her only wearing boots and gauntlets, with the pink crystal still on her abdomen like a glowing pink tattoo above her womb. “I can do that too you know!” not seeming to want to be forgotten, the pink crystal blade changes form as well, turning from a sword into a spear, then a trident, then a scythe, finally ending as a long thick pink crystal dildo with golden veins along it. She can’t help but dance in place with excitement, she has such pretty, slutty, magical stuff! “This is so much fun! A magic sword, and magic armor! Ah, wait! I have to try that!” then she focuses on that “Divine Pink Aura”, the pink crystals of the sword, her armor, and especially the crystal over her abdomen, suddenly glow brighter, and what looks like a cross between a fog, and light, of a lovely pink hue, drifts off of her, quickly spreading through the room. The wizards have high magic resistance, but the knights, the king, and the Prince, all suddenly hunch over.

King: “Wh….what?!
Prince: “My Excalibur!”
Knights: “Ah…..the armor is too tight!”
Female Knight (Who suddenly finds herself with a cock): “What is this?!?!”

To be continued.

What will happen next? ……well, okay, you can probably guess what will happen next.
(And sorry for all the exposition and stats!)

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Also I hope mastis makes this in to a game cos fuck it sounds fun

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“Age: Loli” keeping it wonderfully vague are we?

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